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In her very essence, Erica is a medley of brains, beauty and talent. Pledging support to Erica is about more than releasing music. It’s an investment in an artist with the vision and resolve to leave a lasting impact in this world.

Pete Smith, GRAMMY Award-winning Producer


Dear Friend,

Welcome to, where you can discover the latest on my creative endeavors and mission for change.



I'm a big believer that performers, by boldly stepping into our light, lead the way for others to do the same. That's me in those blue robes, beaming in my light, with over 40,000 faces cheering me as I release into the final stretch of the Star-Spangled Banner. The feeling was glorious and natural. I was vibrating in my highest state, and for all of three minutes, my lived existence was perfectly aligned with what my spirit knows best.

Two Ivy-League degrees and a bar exam later, I was working as a lawyer in New York. But the notion that I was not operating where I was of best service relentlessly nagged me. So after a year, I abandoned the “secure” path to seek a living where that sensation of alignment wasn’t just a memory but a reality inextricably linked to my every day.

As an artist, I serve as an ambassador of empowerment for those wishing to break discouraging cycles and step into the joy-filled versions of life we all deserve. Having turned away from a more lucrative outfit of success, I understand the challenge of defining life on your own terms— of rising above noise, residual trauma, and fear in order to reframe paradigms and intentionally choose your own path. It is because of these circuitous detours on my journey, not in spite of them, I am positioned with a privilege to bring about the kind of positive change only someone with my personal journey can uniquely do.



To champion purpose-centered wellness, creative living, and non-traditional education models



An education center and network designed to inspire, embolden and empower


My ultimate dream is to leverage my performance passion to become a positive disruptor in the education space. While singing is my foremost love, championing education that gets to the core of what makes individuals shine brightest is my mission.  Drawing on my cumulative experience as student, teacher, mentor, and facilitator, I plan to use my success as a musician to establish an educational center and network based in holistic ideals for professional prosperity. As we continue to evolve into a more conscious and aware society, it will be imperative that our education models keep up.

As a precursor to realizing this dream, I am looking for support in my own becoming—  of inhabiting the best version of myself so I can effectively serve others. To learn more on my projects, the KICKSTARTER campaign in support of my debut EP album and artist development, and how you can get involved, please continue reading. I eagerly invite your thoughts, comments, and questions. Individually, we hold tremendous power, but together, we can go far.

With love,                                             


Phase One:

EP Recording and

Pre-Professional Training

In 2018, I enrolled at the contemporary/pop music school BIMM London, known for its roster of Grammy Award-nominated alumni. My time at BIMM resulted in a number of proud musical firsts and at the referral of a member of faculty, I was invited to continue developing my artistry at a leading studio collective in North London (SAFO Music Group). This year, I will begin recording my first EP, The Divine Feminine, Vol I.—an exposé of lush vocals and sensual harmony—with the support of the studio’s production and strategic marketing teams.


The 2020 year will be a breakthrough year in my artist development. Here's what you can expect from me in the coming months.

SAFO Music Group

EP Recording and Marketing

Based in Crouch Hill, London, SAFO Music Group is the UK's leading artist incubator and studio collective. SAFO's team has worked with the likes of Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, The 1975, Ella Eyre and many more. SAFO's commitment to developing the whole artist is unmatched and I am beyond excited to explore my creative depths with the support of SAFO.

SAFO is founded and directed by Platinum-selling industry veteran Laurence Hobbs.


Songbird Sessions

Vocal Performance Training

Songbird Sessions is an all-female vocal collective specializing in intimate acoustic entertainment that I'm proud to be a part of. With these women, I am ever expanding my vocal agility, harmonization skills & performance presence. My work with Songbirds includes performing at Holly Tucker MBE's Conversations of Inspiration and the Ideal Home Show Christmas

Studio 68

Dance Performance Training

Studio 68 is a central London dance studio with a far-reaching industry reputation of working professional teachers and internationally acclaimed guest choreographers. At Studio 68, I train 3 days-a-week (6-8 hours each) in commercial and foundational styles. Movement plays a large role in my creative process and my exploration of self and body that I experience at Studio 68 greatly influences my music.

Aquarius Rising

Wellness Storytelling

In a dedicated corner of is Aquarius Rising, my personal blog. Through this outlet, I share my latest adventures, endeavors and reflections on everything from purposeful living and wellness to 'influence' and love languages. Consider it a mixed bag of professional updates and spiritual musings, held together with a heavy dose of authenticity

Volunteering with KAS Youth Hub

The Bigger Picture

Over the years, I've partnered with community organizations close to my heart including Hour Children (as an ‘Hour Friend’ to children with incarcerated parents), Sanctuary for Families’ Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services (offering support to victims of intimate partner violence), and Sing For Hope (serving as a project leader and artist partner bringing music into hospitals and in-patient facilities). Most recently, I've continued my commitment to service as an expert mentor to pre-law students from underrepresented communities. At KAS Youth Hub, I work as an on-site coordinator for KAS's series of ten-day ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange programs held in Southern England. I also oversee KAS's creative activity workshops in the local Croydon community.


Future Phases:

Professional Musicianship

and Platform Building for Education

Putting purpose to my varied experiences is the biggest driving force in my artist journey. Here in Future Phases you'll find more on the long-term vision for marrying my performance passion with service and education. With your support, The Divine Feminine Vol I. will not only represent my artist debut but the beginning of a career dedicated to spreading wellness and empowerment.  

The Education Center

Through my experience as both student and teacher, I've long witnessed the deleterious impact that inflexible teaching models and an inattention on wellness have on young and old generations. In response to this plight, I aspire to build a school

  • a school exemplifying that those best-prepared to serve their communities are conscious individuals who, through practiced self-awareness and personal fulfillment, have first best-served themselves;

  • a school that permits individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds an education steeped in the kind of imaginative creativity and expression typically reserved for those of great financial means;

  • a school that prepares learners to navigate traditional institutions with a nourished and healthy sense of self;

  • a school where compassion leads and educator wellbeing is zealously prioritized in order to influence a generation of healthy, happy connected humans.

The Network

Access to opportunity is just one of many barriers preventing individuals from igniting their deepest potential. Ingrained in my commitment to service is one that can stretch to improve as many lives as possible. Adapting programs from the education center for local communities through sister academies and programs is how this aim is achieved.

This vision is undoubtedly a years-long labor-intensive endeavor, the success of which depends on detailed structural planning, curricular design and implementation, financing and so much more. For those unfazed by the time and risk demanded by a large undertaking, I hope this vignette of the main motivation in my artist journey encourages you to get involved in bringing my EP project to life.

Get Involved

While my work as an LSAT Instructor sustains my day-to-day basic needs, it does not sufficiently fund the fast-arising opportunities in my career. Further, the time-investment of teaching and the continual context-shifting between my artist and instructor commitments significantly curbs my creative flow. Focusing my energies full-time on my artist projects would not only catapult progress in each of my developmental phases but would propel me that much further in my ultimate service aim detailed above.


Below you will find a link to the  KICKSTARTER campaign I've created to assist with the financial costs of Phase 1.

KICKSTARTER is an 'all or nothing' fundraising platform. Projects are only funded if the campaign's goal is reached within the designated time; otherwise all funds are returned. I have set my Kickstarter goal as $9,000 (the cost of recording and marketing my EP, plus fees) to ensure that this most crucial aspect of my professional journey finally takes off. That said, as some of the most successful KICKSTARTER campaigns triple, quadruple and even quintuple their goals, I am looking to meet my KICKSTARTER goal by 350% ($31,500). Overfunding through this 'umbrella' goal will critically assist with expenses adjacent to the EP but relevant to my artist mission of spreading wellness and empowerment expenses (detailed below) I am presently struggling to maintain.


Kickstarter Campaign

Deadline: March 11, 2020

| EP Recording |

My most immediate financing need is for the recording and marketing

of my first EP, The Divine Feminine, Vol 1, with SAFO Music Group.

EP Package with SMG: £5000 (approx $6,570)

| Studio 68 and BIMM London Tuition |

I am also looking for assistance with the cost of my Studio 68 training

and my year of training at BIMM London, currently in

arrears and accruing interest at a rate of 22.24%.

Studio 68 Tuition: £2,000 (approx $2,628)

BIMM London Tuition: £12,450 (approx $18,070, incl. 5 mos. interest) 

Additional costs include

Monthly Rent: £680 ($890)

Monthly Tube: £134.80 ($175)

Performance Equipment: £500 ($650) since Fall 2018 Annual Fee: £114.00 ($149) Annual Fee: £122.40 ($160)

2018 Visa Application: £516 ($663)

2018 Visa Application Maintenance: £11,385 ($14,645)

2019Visa Application: £648 ($849)

Both and are designed and managed by me.

Conversions reflect current OANDA rates or rate from time of purchase.




Laurence Hobbs | Director, SAFO Music Group

Erica is quite simply one of the most hard working artists I've come across. Her talent and vision shine, and I have no doubt she will achieve anything she sets her mind to and reach all of her goals

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